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So I’ve been pondering what to do with this blog & I think I’m just going to use it for fanfiction. So I’ll be posting some Harry Potter stuff soon because I’m doing simplypotterheads’s endurance challenge & I’ll put my other stuff back up, work on master posts, etc. The excerpts I’ve posted are gone forever though because I don’t quite remember which sections they were. XD

So I just had a horrible idea.

Character A has this thing where whenever they become friends with someone then all the people they care about start to die, and eventually A becomes jinxed and no one will talk to them and they have all this self hatred & anxiety because they feel like they’re responsible for it so they stay away from everyone.

Then character B shows up and the two of them get mushed together for some reason. Probably like a school or work environment and they’re the only two who are super standoffish so people just lump them together and they always sit next to each other in class and trade some comments. And like A is super concerned because they haven’t been this close to anyone in years and then B asks them if they want to hang out and A is pretty much like “look, I’m gonna level with you here, whenever I become close with someone everyone that they care about dies” and B is like, “well there isn’t really anyone that I care about, I’m even an orphan, and like I moved and stuff and I don’t know anyone and I wanna see this fucking movie will you just come with me?”

So then A is like… well ok, and A is like really tentative and cautious about it but the two of them start to become friends and then they get super close where they’re just hanging out all the time but like as soon as they reach a certain level of friendship A dies because there was no one else that B cared about enough for A’s curse to kill so it turned against him.

And now I’m sad.


AU where you’re a normal human until you hit puberty and you start turning into a monster.

Literally a monster. Like a harpie, a werewolf, a semi-snake (sorry forgot the name) or even a mermaid, a centaur, a vampire, a fawn, ect …

Like you get this very awkard phase between human and monster…

(via thecharmm)