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Current Projects:
>Original story Day Zero, part 2.
>HP endurance challenge
>HP pirate AU (hopefully)
>Edit Sleeping Beauty retelling.
>Darkest Powers zombie AU The Virus.
>HP fanfic Harry Hunting.
>Various writing exercises.

Got a wordpress blog for my original writing coming up! I’ll keep my ff here and fix all the links (the original ones will lead to wordpress)

Ref I made for updated character designs


Title: That Annoying Bubbling Noise

Prompt: Snowed in

Character: Luna

LOC: Easy

Words: 1,569

Summary: Half a year after the battle of Hogwarts and everyone is still jumping at the slightest sound, expecting death eaters to crash through the walls at any moment. So, naturally, Hermione decides they all need some rest and relaxation over the Christmas Holidays and finds a cabin to rent. By the end of the vacation she has no idea how she’ll explain to the owners how the damage occurred.

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Title: Scar Tissue

Prompt: Your character faces a tough decision, one that could affect the rest of their life.

LOC: Hard

Chosen Character: Lavender Brown

Words: 959

Summary: Some people wear their marks from the battle more obviously than others.

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Title: Eighteen Hours

Summary: Victoire begrudgingly attends a six person masquerade ball.

Character: Victoire Weasley

LoC: Hard

Prompt: Your character attends a masquerade and makes a drunken confession

Word Count: 1,297

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Summary: Minerva and Dumbledore oversee detention together after Minerva’s gone on a detention-giving streak.

Character: Minerva McGonagall

Word Count: 1,414

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